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Make sure your air tanks are full and take a deep breath before diving into this reservoir. Also be sure to string a return line during your exploration or you might never find your way back home. Gems located at this site are marked by a treasure chest -- all others will take you on a cyberdive. Enjoy your trip.

Jump off the diving platform in one of the following directions to begin your adventure:

The Diving Platform

Enjoy Our Crystal Clear Waters
On-line Papers, Journals, and other Publications

Visit Our Coral Reefs
Fuzzy Logic Labs at Universities

See the Colorful Fish in the Sea
A Virtual Who's Who of Fuzzy Logic on the Internet

Discover the Lost Continent of Atlantis
Fuzzy Logic Societies and Organizations

Explore Underwater Caverns
Fuzzy Logic Research Centers

Relax and Visit With Other Divers
Newsgroups and Archives

Watch Out for the Sharks
Commercial Product and Service Providers

Our Crystal Clear Waters

This part of the reservoir contains references to on-line papers, journals, and other publications. You should get a clear understanding of fuzzy logic and its applications from this information.


Fuzzy Logic Papers

OEI/TIL ftp site
Contains fuzzy logic demos, papers, text files, utilities, etc. related to Ortech Engineering, Togai InfraLogic, and our products.

Fuzzy Logic - A Tutorial
James F. Brule's introduction to fuzzy logic, written in 1985.

FLLL - A Brief Course in Fuzzy Logic A hypertext tutorial in fuzzy logic and fuzzy control by Peter Bauer, Stephan Nouak and Roman Winkler.
Fuzzy Logic ftp Repository at the Boulder Labs Site of the National Institute of Standards and Technology. Contains many papers, articles, news releases, and more.

Fuzzy Logic Journals

Fuzzy Sets & Systems Published by Elsevier Science Inc. in North-Holland, Amsterdam.
IEEE Transactions on Fuzzy Systems Published by the IEEE Society.
International Journal of Approximate Reasoning. Published eight times per year by Elsevier Science Inc. in New York.


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Our Coral Reefs

This portion of the reservoir contains links to the major universities around the world with laboratories or programs dedicated to fuzzy logic. Like coral reefs, these sites are colorful and teeming with life.

Center for Fuzzy Logic, Robotics, and Intelligent Systems Texas A&M University's CFL coordinates research activities at TAMU on fuzzy logic and its application in engineering systems. It also organizes the annual IFIS conference.
BISC Berkely Initiative into Soft Computing at the University of California at Berkeley. BISC has a comprehensive schedule of Conferences around the world.
MSOE Milwaukee School of Engineering Fuzzy Logic Laboratory uses TILShell 3.0 as their primary development tool.
ISIS Image, Speech and Intelligent Systems research group at the University of Southampton, Hampshire, UK.
Fuzzy Systems and Soft Computing at the University of Magdeburg. Available both in English and German.
Signal and Image Processing Institute at the University of University of Southern California.
VLSI & Fuzzy Logic Research Group at The University of Bologna in Bologna, Italy.
Fuzzy Systems & Neural Network at Chung-Ang University in Korea.

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The Fuzzy Logic Fish in the Sea

The people listed here are a virtual who's who of pioneers and pace-setters in the world of fuzzy logic that have an Internet presence.

[Zadeh Photo]
Prof. Lotfi Zadeh
The Father of Fuzzy Logic -- Professor Emeritus at The University of California at Berkeley. zadeh@cs.berkeley.edu

Dr. Masaki Togai (1948-1996)
Founder ofTogai InfraLogic, Inc.

Dr. John Yen Associate Professor and Director of CFL at Texas A&M University. yen@cs.tamu.edu
Dr. Bart Kosko Associate Professor and Director at The University of Southern California. kosko@sipi.usc.edu

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The Lost Continent of Atlantis

Well maybe they aren't as exciting as a lost continent but these societies and organizations can help open up new worlds to their members.

ERUDIT European fuzzy information network.
IFSA International Fuzzy Systems Association.
NAFIPS North American Fuzzy Information Processing Society

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Underwater Caverns

Finding a resource to assist with the development and demonstration of a new concept can sometimes be as difficult and intimidating as exploring an underwater cavern. The organizations listed here try to light the way.

FLLL - Fuzzy Logic Laboratorium Linz/Hagenberg Fuzzy Logic Pilot and Demonstration Workplace serving the Upper Austrian economy.

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Visit With Other Divers

After your dive, relax a while and visit with other cyberdivers. The best place to start is at the comp.ai.fuzzy newsgroup. The resources and archives listed here should help you find some new acquaintences.

The comp.ai.fuzzy newsgroup


Fuzzy Logic Sources of Information A large list of on-line fuzzy logic resources by Robert John at De Montfort University in the UK.

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Watch Out for the Sharks

Naturally we think the fuzzy logic products manufactured and sold by Ortech Engineering and Togai InfraLogic are the best on the market. However, in case our products don't address your particular application, we are including links to other commercial vendors on the Internet. Just remember to watch out for sharks in these waters.

(As you check out our competitors, be especially wary of claims such as " ...the only tool that..." or "...the first tool to ...". Keep in mind that Togai InfraLogic has been building fuzzy logic development tools since 1988 and see how many of our competitors are bold enough to provide a cross link to our site and invite a comparison with their tools.)

Ortech Engineering Inc.
In case you came into this reservoir through a hidden passageway, this will get you to our home page.

Togai InfraLogic Inc.
Manufacturer of TILShell, TILGen, FuzzyCLIPS, and the FCA fuzzy co-processor.

CubiCalc by HyperLogic Corporation.
Data Engine by MIT GmbH (In this case, MIT stands for Management Intelligenter Technologien).
FLASH by RIGEL Corporation.
FlexTool by Flexible Intelligence Group LLC.
FLINT by Logic Programming Associates Ltd.
FOOL & FOX by The University of Oldenburg -- a free fuzzy logic development tool but only available for UNIX platforms.
Fuzzy CLIPS by the IIT of NRC This version of Fuzzy CLIPS was developed by the Institute for Information Technology of the National Research Council in Canada. It is a totally different product from the Togai InfraLogic version of FuzzyCLIPS which was developed under a NASA SBIR contract. The IIT version is distributed free via ftp download for educational and research purposes. The Togai version is a commercial product provided on diskettes with a printed manual and technical support.
Fuzzy Logic Pack for Mathematica by Wolfram Research, Inc.
Fuzzy Logic Toolbox for MATLAB by MathWorks, Inc.
FuzzyTECH by Inform GmbH.
Knowledge Builder, Judgement Maker, and Thought Amplifier by Fuzzy Systems Engineering.
O'INCA Design Framework marketed by Meridian Marketing Group, Inc.

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