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Togai InfraLogic is an Irvine, California-based company founded by Dr. Masaki Togai in 1987 as the world's first company dedicated to the application of fuzzy logic. The company has been honored with a "1990 Product of the Year" award from Electronic Products magazine for the FC110 Digital Fuzzy Processor and a "1993 Product Recognition Award" from Control Engineering Magazine for the TILShell 3.0 fuzzy logic development tool.

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TIL Background
Learn About Our Founder, Review Our Product History
TILShell Family
The Premier Fuzzy Logic Development Tool
TILGen Neural Network Tool
Automatically Generate Your Rulebases
Fuzzy Programming Language (FPL)
An Object-Oriented Fuzzy Logic Development Language
TIL's Fuzzy Logic Extension to CLIPS
Fuzzy Logic Reservoir
Links to Lots of Fuzzy Logic Information
Our FTP Site
Demos, papers, and other fuzzy logic information
TILShell Overview
Hypertext Description of TILShell

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