The PC132 board shown in this photograph is a powerful and flexible industrial-grade communications and control device capable of solving a wide range of real-world application problems.

Ortech Engineering Inc. offers the PC132 in a variety of configurations to meet a customer's specific applications requirements.

The PC132 is primarily marketed as an OEM device to customers who need its advanced capabilities but who do not wish to invest the significant time and financial resources required to develop such a device. Ortech Engineering also offers private labeling and custom application software services to our OEM customers.

The table below lists some of the major features and capabilities of the PC132. Some of the applications that the PC132 is well suited for include: Internet Appliance, Industrial Data Acquisition and Control, Protocol Conversion, Network Gateway, and Network Firewall, to mention just a few.

Microprocessor 32-bit Motorola Dragonball Microcontroller 33MHz operation
Memory 2 MB Flash, 8 MB SDRAM Expandable to 8 MB Flash, 32 MB SDRAM
Serial Ports 2 - Either port can be RS232 or RS485 Surge Protection & Bias options on RS485
Ethernet Ports 2 - Either port can be 10BASE-T or 10BASE-FL 10BASE-FL requires external transceiver
LCD Support YES - Character or Graphic LCDs
  • 2 RJ12 Connectors for Serial I/O
  • 2 RJ45 Connectors for 10BASE-T Ethernet
  • 2 16-Pin Headers for 10BASE-FL Transceiver Connection
  • 1 16-Pin to 20-Pin Header for LCD
  • 1 2-Pin Power Connector
  • 2 Daughter Board Connectors for Expansion

An optional 8-Pin Terminal Strip Plug can be provided for the Serial I/O Connections in place of the RJ12 connectors

LEDs YES - Power, Board Status, & Ethernet Communication Status
Time/Date Clock YES - Date/Hour/Minutes/Seconds Includes "SuperCAP" Power Backup
Watchdog/Supervisor YES Includes Brownout Detection
Supply Voltage Operates from 12VDC to 30VDC, 24VDC nominal Requires approximately 500 mA Power

Includes protection against reversed power connections

I/O & Expansion Capability YES - Provided by Plug-in Daughter Boards
  • Analog & Digital I/O Modules Available
  • SPI port to Daughter Board permits a variety of expansion capabilities for custom applications
  • Custom communication interfaces can also be implented via a daughter board
Software Embedded LINUX Operating System Includes Support for all on-board and daughter board features
Protocols Supported
Additional protocols can be added as needed
Physical Size PC132 Board Size: 3.5" W x 5.0" L x 0.85" H Daughter boards add approximately 1" of height
Operating Specifications
  • 0 C to 70 C Commercial
  • -40 C to 85 C Industrial
  • 5 to 95 % RH, Non-Condensing
The PC132 can be supplied to meet either Commercial or Industrial temperature ranges
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